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[Help-smalltalk] Re: VisualGST

From: ZuLuuuuuu
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Re: VisualGST
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2011 06:06:32 -0700 (PDT)

I think the reaction was also a little bit due to the first screenshot:

which has two extra panes open. And also the browser's window size on the
shot is smaller than even 800x600, all IDEs look more cluttered in small

On the other hand, I don't say VisualGST's interface is very plain and
simple. Especially when more panes or tabs are open it gets pretty

The new prototype is a nice approach, reminds me of Nautilus. But it might
reduce the speed of the coder because it requires more clicks to move aroud.
For example you have to click on "Smalltalk" button on top to see the list
of the objects inside Smalltalk namespace (I guess?), while in the current
browser the list is already open anytime. Same with the namespace list,
class list, method list etc.

Some suggestions to the current design might be:

 - Merging namespace and class list into one to gain some space. Switching
namespaces occurs less frequently, you generally stay in the namespace of
your project. So a tree which includes both namespaces and classes together
won't make any difference except that there will be three main lists on top
of the browser like the classic class browser of Smalltalk has instead of
four. It would look like this:

-Namespace 1
---Class 1
---Class 2
-Namespace 2
---Namespace 3
------Class 3
------Class 4
---Namespace 4
------Class 5

I think, though, this is not needed for a normal size monitor since there is
enough space for four lists on top. For those who work on netbooks etc. it
might be useful.

 - Removing the whole border around the code multi line text entry which
says "Code" on top to improve the look. It might be necessary to make it
clear to a programmer who have not used class browser before but it is such
a basic pane whose usage is very obvious after a few seconds of trial and
error that it might be removed.

 - Putting some padding inside multi line text entries to improve the
typography. On code text area, workspace and transcript there is no padding
around text, they touch to the border of the text area. It would improve the
readability to put some padding (like 3-4 px).

Canol Gökel
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