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Re: [Help-smalltalk] adding smalltalk-mode to ELPA?

From: bill-auger
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] adding smalltalk-mode to ELPA?
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2019 00:29:24 -0400
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Derek Zhou wrote:
> Wilfred,
> Do you want to add smalltalk-mode to ELPA?

the answer i gave you is probably the best one that anyone could give -
maybe i could have been more clear

generally speaking, software developers do not package their software -
that is almost always done by someone who is not a member of the
upstream project dev team - it is usually done by a member of the team
that maintains their respective package repo - in this case, you noted
yourself that they accept anonymous contributions via email - nothing
else is required of the upstream dev team for this to happen

GNU smalltalk is free software; which means that you can use it for any
purpose as you like, including packaging it for re-distribution - you do
not need to ask anyone for permission - it would be of no consequence if
Wlifred or anyone else explicitly asked you not to package it, you would
still be fully permitted to do so by the GPL license, simply because you
have a copy

i think the question you are really asking here is: "does someone on the
GNU smalltalk dev team plan on packaging it themselves?" - to answer
that question, i would say again that the answer is most likely: "no" -
i think it would have already been in that repo, many years ago, if that
was a goal of the team

however, its absence would not imply that the authors are against the
idea - i expect that it would be a welcome contribution, if someone
takes the time to package it, and if the repo maintainers find it useful
enough to include - packaging is simply a task that upstream developers
generally do not do themselves; but some user like yourself, very well
could do it, and that is usually how it happens

Derek Zhou wrote:
> Can I do anything to help?

just do it - the ELPA team are the appropriate people to ask these
questions - there really is nothing the upstream can or should do about
such a request - its not their domain - the only important question is
whether or not the ELPA team will accept it, or you assist in packaging it

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