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Re: [Help-tar] Can't extract - get "Archive contains obsolescent base-64

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: [Help-tar] Can't extract - get "Archive contains obsolescent base-64 headers"
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 12:56:53 -0800
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Alexis Huxley <address@hidden> writes:

> Any help/advice much appreciated!  Thanks!

I'm surprised that GNU tar 1.15.1 would output the message "Archive
contains obsolescent base-64 headers" given the exact input that you
described.  It outputs that message only if it sees a "-" or a "+" in
the tar header, but the octal dump you sent didn't contain any "-" or

Perhaps you can run tar 1.15.1 under a debugger, and put a breakpoint
on the code that is issuing that warning, and see exactly what string
it is complaining about.

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