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Vertical justification

From: Rene Bakker
Subject: Vertical justification
Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 13:44:36 +0200


I'm writting a document using texinfo 4.0 and I find the 
output somewhat strange. 

When I use pdftexinfo the text is vertically justified over 
the page. This results in different space hights between
sections and subsection in the pdf-file. The problem also
appears when I use a @cartouche group around a @smallexample.
When I use more of these cartouches the vertical alignment 
is totally wrong. The texts (including the cartouches, section 
and subsections) are justified vertically instead of aligned
to the top of the page. Compare this with left alignment 
of this e-mail text and the horizontal justified texts of the
texinfo manual.

I've seen this problem with both sections and subsection (and 
alike) cartouches using pdftexinfo. When I use texinfo and look
at the dvi file the problem with the sections and subsection 
does not appear but is still there with the cartouches.

What am I doing wrong? Or is there a command which controls this.

Another thing with cartouches. When a cartouche becomes larger 
than a page the rest is not moved to the next page but you get
a very overfull vbox, if I remember this correctly.

Rene Bakker

Rene Bakker
Noordewierweg 158a 
3812 DP Amersfoort
The Netherlands

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