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RE: Vertical justification

From: Rene Bakker
Subject: RE: Vertical justification
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 09:03:33 +0200

Hello Karl,

>     When a cartouche becomes larger than a page 
> I think this would be very difficult to implement.  Personally I think
> @cartouche should never have been invented, but anyway, it's meant for
> small examples that you want to set off from the text.  One cartouche
> going on for pages and pages just isn't going to work.  Sorry.
>     When I use pdftexinfo the text is vertically justified over 
>     the page. 
> This is the intended behavior, at least if I'm understanding 
> what you're
> describing.  In general, it's desirable to have text vertically
> justified over the page, so that the top and bottom lines 
> match up from
> one page to the next.

I see, however, a difference between pdftexinfo and 'normal-dvi-outputting'
texinfo. With texinfo this vertical justification works and with pdftexinfo
the spaces between the section or subsection heading and the next paragraph
is very much dependant on the texts on the page. Using texinfo this looks
completely different.

> If your document has lots of large unbreakable boxes, like cartouches,
> then that will be very difficult to page break, by its nature.  You
> might like to use the plain TeX \raggedbottom command in this case to
> tell TeX not to worry about the bottom margin.  In Texinfo, this would
> be:
> @tex
> \gdefs=1 \raggedbottom
> @end tex
> I think this may mess up the top margin too, but it's what's 
> there now.
> Hope this helps,
> k

Rene Bakker

Rene Bakker
Noordewierweg 158a 
3812 DP Amersfoort
The Netherlands

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