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How do I set margins?

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: How do I set margins?
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 14:29:12 -0700


I have been plagued with the problem that SuSE configures their
systems to use @afourpaper in some way that is not obvious to
me.  (Having hunted for every copy of texinfo.tex, examined 
these directories and their files and on and on.)

Anyway, I have finally given up and will now just run
  texi2dvi address@hidden
Now, to my question.  This format uses up a lot of paper.
I would prefer to use 3/4" margins all the way around,
rather than 1-1/4".  However, looking at the definitions
of the various letterpaper/afourpaper/pagesizes macros
leaves me stumped.  How those things compute their arguments
for the internalpagesizes macro is beyond me.  Is it
possible to just rework this thing into what I want:

% @letterpaper (the default).
\def\letterpaper{{\globaldefs = 1
  \parskip = 3pt plus 2pt minus 1pt
  % If page is nothing but text, make it come out even.

??  Thanks! - Bruce


% Perhaps we should allow setting the margins, \topskip, \parskip,
% and/or leading, also. Or perhaps we should compute them somehow.

I think you should, somehow.  Also, your documentation says that
pagesizes takes WIDTH [, HEIGHT ].  Obviously, this source is
"more correct".

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