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Re: Loosing my mind with indexes...

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Loosing my mind with indexes...
Date: 30 Jan 2002 16:35:06 +0100
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|         @macro acindex{macro}
|         @msindex \macro\, AC_\macro\
| The problem may be using `macro` as the argument name, but it could just
| be general brokenness.

It is stuck just the same.

Nevertheless, it works much better if I add an empty line in the macro

@c Index an Autoconf macro.
@macro acindex{bar}
@msindex \bar\, AC_\bar\

@end macro

@c Index an Autotest macro.
@macro atindex{bar}
@msindex \bar\, AT_\bar\

@end macro

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