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Re: texi to epub

From: Perry Smith
Subject: Re: texi to epub
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2022 15:38:48 -0500

> On Jun 9, 2022, at 14:29, Patrice Dumas <> wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 09, 2022 at 10:20:57AM -0500, Perry Smith wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I found this thread in the bug-texinfo mailing list[1].  I’m wanting to 
>> format the org-mode info file into ePub.  Indeed, I’d like to reformat many 
>> of the info files into ePub assuming that I can find a tool chain that works 
>> and produces nice results.
>> One of the last messages talks about a change but then the thread stops and 
>> so I’m left wondering where the current state of the art is with regards to 
>> info to ePub processing.  I believe the tact was to first produce valid 
>> XHTML and then convert that to ePub perhaps via Calibre or perhaps by 
>> another processor — I’m not sure.
> It is implemented in the development version that you can take from git.
> After installation it should be called with
> texi2any --init mymanual.texi
> Any feedback appreciated.
> There is a more recent thread on that subject:

This looks excellent so far.  I formatted org.texi and then loaded it into 
Apple Books and just looked at a few pages and it looks really nice so far.  As 
I read it, if I find any oddities I will report back.

For other space travelers following in similar foot steps — all of this is 
documented but it took me a little bit to dig out.  This is for an Apple M1 Mac 
(Apple silicon — not Intel.  The paths change)

1) I had to “brew install” libtool, autoconf, help2man.
2) Prepend /opt/homebrew/opt/libtool/libexec/gnubin to my path so I could find 
3) ./ followed by the traditional ./configure && make && make check 
(I did not make install because the brew for texinfo warns that doing so can 
cause confusion.  The Mac comes with texinfo 4.8.  Brew installs texinfo 6.8 
(currently) “out of the way” which is why you need to adjust your path.)
4) Because I didn’t do make install, the texi2any command becomes: 
tp/ --init tp/init/ /path/to/org.texi

Thank you to all!

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