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[Hyperbole-users] Hyperbole for eev users

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: [Hyperbole-users] Hyperbole for eev users
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2019 00:59:48 -0300

Hi list,

I am the author of eev - see:


and I am trying to build a "bridge" between eev and Hyperbole...

If one loads eev with

  (package-install 'eev)
  (require 'eev-load)

then each of the sexps below can be used as an elisp hyperlink... if
eev-mode is active then they can be executed with just `M-e', but
people who prefer to work with the eev-mode keymap turned off can
execute them with `C-e C-x C-e' (obs: to run the main tutorial of eev,
do this: `M-x eev-beginner')... but I'm digressing. The non-obvious sexps
below are all elisp hyperlinks:

  (find-epackage 'hyperbole)
  (require       'hyperbole)
  (code-c-d "elpa"      "~/.emacs.d/elpa/")
  (code-c-d "hyperbole" "~/.emacs.d/elpa/hyperbole-7.0.2/" "hyperbole")
  (find-elpafile "hyperbole-readme.txt")
  (find-elpafile "" ""hyperbole)
  (find-hyperbolefile "DEMO")
  (find-hyperbolefile "DEMO" "Action Key is {M-RET}")
  (find-hyperbolefile "DEMO" "Assist Key is {C-u M-RET}")
  (find-hyperbolefile "DEMO" "Press the Action Key within this <(button)>")

  (find-hyperbolenode "")
  (find-hyperbolenode "Installation")
  (find-hyperbolenode "Buttons")

  (eek "M-h M-k M-RET  ;; hkey-either")
  (find-efunctiondescr   'hkey-either)
  (find-efunction        'hkey-either)
  (find-efunction        'action-key)
  (find-efunction        'assist-key)

This one opens the file "DEMO" in the Hyperbole directory and jumps to
the first occurrence of the string "Press the Action Key within this
<(button)>" in it:

  (find-hyperbolefile "DEMO" "Press the Action Key within this <(button)>")

I am trying to understand what happens under the hood when I place the
point on the string "<(button)>" and type the action key... the elisp
hyperlinks below show some interesting things,

  (find-hyperbolefile "DEMO" "(bu")
  (find-hyperbolefile "DEMO" "(bu" '(eek "M-RET"))
  (find-hyperbolefile "DEMO" "(bu" '(eek "<<action-key>>"))
  (find-hyperbolefile "DEMO" "(bu" '(eek "C-h A"))
  (find-hyperbolefile "DEMO" "(bu" '(eek "<<hkey-help>>"))

but I'm a bit stuck after this (caveat: I'm a newbie with less than 6
hours playing with Hyperbole!)...

Let me try to formulate some precise questions.

  1. This section of "HY-ABOUT" mentions "patterns":

     (find-hyperbolefile "HY-ABOUT" "1.  Buttons and Smart Keys")
     (find-hyperbolefile "HY-ABOUT" "1.  Buttons and Smart Keys" "patterns")

     My guess is that there is a list of pairs of regexps/actions
     somewhere, and that there is a (low-level) way to inspect that
     list, and to find the pattern that matches the current button and
     its associated action. How do I do that?

  2. What is the hook (?) that fontifies the things like "<(button)>"?
     My guess it that it's `hproperty:but-create'. Is that right? I
     found that with:

     (find-hyperbolegrep "grep --color -nH -e hook *.el")
     (find-hyperbolegrep "grep --color -nH -e find-file-hook *.el")
     (find-efunctiondescr 'hproperty:but-create)
     (find-efunction      'hproperty:but-create)

Thanks in advance!!!
  Eduardo Ochs

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