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Re: [igraph] Segmentation fault constructing graph when using igraph_att

From: Natalia Olano
Subject: Re: [igraph] Segmentation fault constructing graph when using igraph_attribute_table_t
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 18:34:06 +0100

Hello again!

Could you please provide an example on how to use the igraph_cattribute_table?

If I try to call delete_vertices(igraph_t *graph, const
igraph_vector_t *eidx,const igraph_vector_t *vidx), which is the
function I am actually interested in using, the compiler does not find
the function (/var/tmp//cc3hltA4.o(.text+0x28f): In function `main'::
undefined reference to `delete_vertices').

When   I examine the elements from
show_list(&gnames,&gtypes,&vnames,&vtypes,&enames,&etypes) I get all
the vectors are zero length at the return of the function even when
the graph is not an empty graph.

Thanks for your help
Natalia Olano

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