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Re: [igraph] weighted edge.betweenness.community

From: R N
Subject: Re: [igraph] weighted edge.betweenness.community
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 20:00:19 +0300


does somebody have an example of how to use edge_betweenness community
detection in C
for weighted graphs? There is a sample program in 'samples' folder in
the sources, but I couldn't
figure out how to get the vertex community membership vector and
modularity using this function
in C. Can smb please enlighten?

In general, there are examples on how to use community detection in R:

It would be helpful to have the same examples in C, because some
functions are not so straightforward to
use; moreover, the igraph library itself evolved since the time these
examples have been posted
(I mean version 0.6).

> Dear all,

> After installing the nightly snapshot
> (igraph.googlecode.com/files/igraph_nightly_0.6-2651-20120316.tar.gz),
> I saw that the edge.betweenness function uses weights. Furthermore,
> the function has the option of considering directed or undirected
> graphs. It is PERFECT! Thanks, guys! And congrats!

> All the best,

> Charles

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