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Help on this scenario

From: Datla, Raghav
Subject: Help on this scenario
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 14:50:29 -0500

   I have some directories or files in production and development servers
which are not under CVS control. Also there are some files which are there
in production and not in development.
Now I am planning to arrange or keep all these directories and files from
production and development into one CVS repository which looks something
like development and production environments inside CVS repository.
There are only some files in some modules that gets changed, as this
repository is not a project related. This repository is just for Tech & Ops
to maintain its automated scripts, documents, configurations and software on
a central server.
Thanks for the responses which says go for branching. 
Branching looks like more cumbersome to me as the code or scripts will not
change as frequently as it changes in developing a particular project.

Any other ways, advices on how to start with or how to go for branching
limitedly so that it makes maintenance easy.


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