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New feature/command

From: Stuart Midgley
Subject: New feature/command
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 09:54:01 +1100


I use CVS for all my source code development and document creation. My standard workstation is a Laptop which I connect to LANs and WANs. My repository is served via pserver. One feature I would really love is something like

        cvs chroot

which I could run on my laptop to modify all the CVS/Root files, depending on which network I am on.

That is my CVS/Root looks like


and after

        cvs chroot :pserver:address@hidden:/home/user/repository

the CVS/Root would look like


and ALL the subsequent CVS commands route through correctly to my host. Currently, I manually go through all the CVS directories, changing the file by hand. I have a small script to do it, but it would be good to have it as part of CVS.

The main reason for doing it this way rather than committing, deleting and checking out again is that some files are massive. Downloading them over a modem via my ISP would take too long. I down load the files from my local LAN and then hit the road and continue working/checking in files etc.



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