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RE: CVS on VMS mailing list ?

From: Miller Dale Contractor HQ AFWA
Subject: RE: CVS on VMS mailing list ?
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 18:41:20 -0000


I would be interested in a VMS CVS group.

Here is some background on what I am doing.  I use CVS 1.11.1p1 on all
platforms.  I have CVS client running on DEC OpenVMS V7.2-1.  I use pserver.
I have CVS running on DEC ALPHA running OSF1 V4.0, SGI running IRIX64 6.5,
and IBM AIX. I have CVS repositories on OSF1 and IRIX64.  The VMS CVS client
is using the OSF1 CVS server.

I use CMS on some VMS processors, however, a recent project did not purchase
CMS so I am using CVS.

I have extensive work with SCCS, RCS, CMVision, CMS, and CVS.  I have
converted all our CMVision projects to CVS.  I greatly prefer UNIX over VMS.
However, I have one VMS project using CVS.

Current problems I have encountered with the VMS CVS port include:

cvs export and checkout error off after handling about 250 files and
A work around is to repeat the command until all files are processed.  I
believe this has been explained to be a problem with the VMS rename program.
I would be interested in a fix for this.

I learned that a module name cannot start with "d" or "D".  For example, I
did an import creating a repository with a module name of dips (a Government
acronym).  The import ran great.  I could do rlog and rannotate commands
without any problems.  But if I tried to do a checkout or export I got a
"could not chdir" error.

DIPSD->cvs checkout dips/ssies_gdas/apga/apga.for
cvs [checkout aborted]: could not chdir to dips/ssies_gdas/apga: invalid

This was strange because I have other modules that work fine.  I finally
renamed the module and the "could not chdir" problem vanished.

On the server side, I did a "mv $CVSROOT/dips $CVSROOT/vms_dips" and now
checkout and export both work.

I believe CVS might be seeing the starting d in the module name as a "d"
option on the checkout and export command.  If this is true there may be
other options on other cvs commands that could present a problem.

Please let me know if a VMS group is formed.

Thanks, Dale Miller

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From: Patrick Spinler [mailto:address@hidden
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Subject: CVS on VMS mailing list ?


I'm writing you this because I see from browsing info-cvs and bug-cvs
that you are all developing or using cvs client on VMS, with varying 
degrees of success. 

Recently I have started doing the same, using CVS 1.11 (?p1? - sorry
I'm at home right now & my VMS box is at work) with patches obtained
from the net.  Would you be interested in forming a CVS on VMS mailing
list to discuss issues surrounding this port ?  If can't
provide such, I could.

Please let me know if you're interested in a vms specific forum for 
discussions of CVS.

-- Pat

p.s.  are patches better sent to info-cvs, bug-cvs or some other place ?
p.p.s.  which forum to ask questions about flow of control & logic in
the code ?

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