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Re: a tag layer on cvs

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: a tag layer on cvs
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 19:53:02 -0800

Why not build these features into CVS directly?  It'd save an enormous
amount of runtime overhead.

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In article <address@hidden>, Matthew Herrmann wrote:
>hi all,
>what do people think about the idea of a project which sits on top of cvs
>and provides another level of abstraction to branching, merging, revision
>management etc.

I'm working on one already, but with a different initial focus from 
what you are proposing. I have no short range plan to do anything with tags.
I call the system MCVS (Meta CVS).

My present concern is to create a layer which adds directory structure
versioning, and sane behavior for the renaming of files. I have a workable
basic design and am just going through the implementation a little bit
at a time. The ``mcvs import'' operation already works.

>My idea was to do it in a compilable scripting language, (python -- my
>choice, perl, vb (just kidding)) and that it would call cvs behind the

Working in Common Lisp here. :)

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