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Re: someone shortcircuiting this list to razor-report?

From: Gianni Mariani
Subject: Re: someone shortcircuiting this list to razor-report?
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 12:55:33 -0800
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I second the motion to move this list.

I'm going to remove myself from the list anyway if this keeps on going so moving it to some kind trash safer alternative sounds like the better alternative.

So, what are the alternatives ?

Donald Sharp wrote:

This issue has come up before( repeatedly ).  More than likely
the list owners are not overly interested in acting in the lists
best interests?  Perhaps it is time for someone to step forward
for a new list location?  Perhaps we could use sourceforge for this?

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 01:07:24PM -0600, Art wrote:

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Karl E. Jorgensen
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On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 04:38:53PM +0100, Niklas Hallqvist wrote:


Although this is clearly the most spam-intensive list I have ever been
onto I somehow find it bad that someone is reporting *all* info-cvs
messages to Razor (a collaborative spam-filtering network, see  This causes false positives from
Razor, which is irritating.  So if someone know that they have done
somekind of automatic filter and is seeing this, please check that
your filter is correct!  I realize there is likely no chance in hell
reaching the one who does this, as (s)he is likely ignoring mails his
filter is throwing away, but I thought I'd try anyhow.

I'm having the same problem. Almost of razor's false positives are
postings on this list.

PS: You posting was treated as spam, curtesy of razor (or rather:
   Somebody feeding bogus info to razor...)

First, they steal the bandwidth, then they forge headers to innocent
bystanders, and now, they're using our own anti-spam technology
against us! I.e., they redirect all messages to a spam filtering network,
basically debilitating it's efficacy... Sound familiar?

Perhaps, Razo, et al should communicate better and identify
and sever all connections to spammers and their ISPs?

But, I'd like to see the owner of the info-cvs-admin and bug-cvs-admin
mailing lists ACTUALLY TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY in filtering out
the SPAM. Personally, I'd wouldn't mind a 24 hour blackout once
a year in exchange for not being subjected to 30 spam messages a day
from these two mailing lists.

In fact, I'm more concerned about users who have to pay time and money
and only have 56 Kbps service, because they've already paid for the
spam they've had to filter out at their end!


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