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Re: URGENT: Initial revision number for CVS.

From: Mark
Subject: Re: URGENT: Initial revision number for CVS.
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 23:25:36 GMT

1) Use RCS to create the RCSFile. ( ci <file> ) then copy into cvs

2) After 'cvs import', create a workarea and run 'cvs admin -b'

On 28 Jan 2002 20:32:14 GMT, address@hidden (Carsten Wich)

>In article <address@hidden>, Larry Jones wrote:
>> Carsten Wich writes:
>>> Has anybody an answer that is other than "don't care about the CVS
>>> revision numbers, use your own scheme with the use of tags" ?
>> These aren't the revision numbers you're looking for.
>Hmm, what then ?
>Can it be that the problem lies in the automatic creation of a new
>branch after new source files have been imported into the repository ?
>How can I suppress this behaviour ?
>Thanks, Carsten

//-  Mark

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