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URGENT: Initial revision number for CVS.

From: Shrikant Dhumal
Subject: URGENT: Initial revision number for CVS.
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 16:51:32 +0530

Hello All,

        Good Day !!

        I had a concern regarding initial revision number that is assigned while
first import.

        Lets proceed with an example. Say I have a directory structure which I 
to import into the CVS repository for the very first time.

            |----- Doc (*.xls, *.doc)
            |----- Src  (*.cpp, *.h)
            |----- Bin  (*.lib, *.a, *.exe)

        I import the directory structure using following command
        (Note: Right now I need not worry about the binary files)
        > cvs import -m "First import" HWT DAC start

        Later I check them out with
        > cvs checkout HWT-A

        All the files and the directory structure gets checked out in
             |----- HWT

        Now, when I see the revision number for the text files they appear to 
be as
        (Note: Again, I need not bother now for the binary files. Am aware they
should have been imported as binary type files)
        Further I change few .cpp and .h files and "commit" them using
        > cvs commit

        Now, when I see the revision number for the changed .cpp and .h files, 
are 1.2
        (Note: To see the revision number I rely upon the Entries file created 
my local CVS folder or expansion of CVS keywords (like, $REVISION ) in the
text files)

        Why is this so? What do I have to do if I want to start from 1.1 
instead of
        This is compulsory for me. I am not supposed to start from

        I have thought of a way to start the revision numbers from 1.1 but that
doesnt seem to be elegant.
        So, I am looking for an elegant way to do so. Might be when one imports 
to the CVS for the very first time.


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