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CVS "commitlog" on Windows

From: Christensen Chad Contr OO-ALC/MAS
Subject: CVS "commitlog" on Windows
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 15:29:24 -0600

Hello there,

I downloaded the command line version of CVS for Windows (I'm using Windows
XP) and started testing it at work.  We have used CVS on the Sun for several
years and I am familiar with the environment on the Sun, but am just
starting to do development of Windows applications on the PC.  I am trying
to figure out how to create a "commitlog" file like the one created on the
Sun when CVS "commit"s are performed.  I saw some instructions on how to
create a "" file (using Python), but couldn't ever figure out
what actual commands are used in the "" file.  The website I
went to was:

Like I said, it never gave the actual commands in the "" file.
There were also assumptions made on where the Python stuff resided after it
was installed.  It looks like this web page is old.  It gave me a start, but
I have never used Python at all before and don't have a clue what commands
to use to create or add to a "commitlog" file with information like on the

On the Sun, the following line is in the "loginfo" file in the CVSROOT

DEFAULT (echo ""; id; echo %{sVv}; date; cat) >> $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/commitlog

As you know, it just always adds to the "commitlog" file when someone checks
something in.  What is/are the equivalent command(s) on the PC using Python
or something else to create an equivalent "commitlog" file on the Sun?

Thanks so much for anyone's help!

Chad Christensen
Lockheed Martin Software Engineering Specialist
Hill Air Force Base, Utah

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