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Using dos2unix on commit???

From: Andy Kriger
Subject: Using dos2unix on commit???
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 11:47:53 -0400

I am trying to setup our Unix-based CVS repository to run dos2unix when
files are committed, but I'm not having much luck and don't see any solution
laid out clearly in the mailing lists.

I have a commitinfo file...
DEFAULT dos2unix

When I commit my Windows text file...
~/webapps> cvs ci -m "" wintext.txt
dos2unix: converting file /usr/local/cvsroot/webapps to UNIX format ...
dos2unix: problems converting file /usr/local/cvsroot/webapps

Reading the CVS docs...
"The full path to the current source repository is appended to the template,
followed by the file names of any files involved in the commit (added,
removed, and modified files)."

So I thought that dos2unix would get the path combined with filename as an
argument. Apparently this isn't so. Does anyone have an example of this that
does work?

andy kriger

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