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Re: Using dos2unix on commit???

From: mike walster
Subject: Re: Using dos2unix on commit???
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 14:25:05 -0700 (PDT)

Ok sorry for the screwed up emails I have been sending around, I might
have this one addressed correctly :-)

Most of the info here has already been mentioned, a small part that
we experienced has been left out. The cygwin cvs client does not
fix up the line endings on the commit. At least the version that we
are using. We have found the files created on windows with say Gvim
when it was launched from windows by default creates dos style line
endings. However the same program when launched from cygwin on the 
same machine creates unix style line endings. The cygwin envinronments
are installed with unix style the default for that system. I have not
experimented with it otherwise and don't know how it acts. We found
that a file saved from a unix environment checked out with cywin and
edited with gvim launched from windows then checked in with cygwin
has screwed up line endings. This was causing merges to panick on a
regular basis which was really ticking off one of our remote developers,
who was having difficulty with the cvs paradigm to begin with. We found
that files checked out with cygwin and edited with vim from cygwin
were ok. Creating a new file on windows with Gvim caused the line ending
foul up. Basically we just don't use cvs that comes with cygwin and we
don't have any difficulties with any editors. We could get the cvs that
comes with cygwin to work fine but one really has to pay attention to 
what is going on. I develop on linux all the time and on windows only when
I am doing something windows specific. The rest my shop is on windows, while
I was comfortable with the line ending stuff it caused a great deal
of confusion for many of our developers. We really had TWO things going
on one was the cvs client the other was what environment we launched
various editors from. Excuse the length I hope that this is at least
somewhat helpful to someone.

--- Andy Kriger <address@hidden> wrote:
> I am trying to setup our Unix-based CVS repository to run dos2unix when
> files are committed, but I'm not having much luck and don't see any solution
> laid out clearly in the mailing lists.
> I have a commitinfo file...
> DEFAULT dos2unix
> When I commit my Windows text file...
> ~/webapps> cvs ci -m "" wintext.txt
> dos2unix: converting file /usr/local/cvsroot/webapps to UNIX format ...
> dos2unix: problems converting file /usr/local/cvsroot/webapps
> Reading the CVS docs...
> "The full path to the current source repository is appended to the template,
> followed by the file names of any files involved in the commit (added,
> removed, and modified files)."
> So I thought that dos2unix would get the path combined with filename as an
> argument. Apparently this isn't so. Does anyone have an example of this that
> does work?
> thx
> andy kriger
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