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Re: CVS won't update with latest revision

From: Rohan Nandode
Subject: Re: CVS won't update with latest revision
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 14:52:18 +0530
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You would have to use -A flag while updating the file.
the command would be
$cvs update -A uartsw.c

The reason is, when you update with -r, a sticky tag is attached to the file. you can see it in "cvs status " command. The sticky tag information is stored in CVS/Entries in the local checkout. So even it you delete the file the cvs will update on the sticky tag version.

-A option removes any sticky tag present and updates with latest version.


g murkumar wrote:
I am having cvs update a directory with the latest
version of a certain file. This is the sequence of event
1)I checkout out a old version of the file(i needed to
compile an old build)
cvs update -r 1.1 uartsw.c
this command worked fine, I got the r1.1 revision
2)I then wanted to revert back to the latest
version(r1.4) of the file. So  I deleted the file
uartsw.c and did cvs update
The output was:
$cvs update
cvs update .
cvs update: Updating .
M demo.hex
cvs update: warning: uartsw.c was lost
U uartsw.c

BUT to my suprise the CVS put back that OLD
revision(r1.1) of the file that i checked out in step
'1' . I expected it to put revision r1.4 (the latest
Accdg to the manual: 'cvs update',  updates the
directory with the most recent commited revision(which
in my case is r1.4). But it didnt do that in my case
it put the old r1.1. Also just as a sidenote I
remember doing cvs checkout -r 1.1 uartsw.c I mistakedly thought this was the way to retrieve an
old revision of a file. But then i saw the website and
did step 1(cvs update -r 1.1 uartsw.c) instead. Did my
cvs checkout command have anything to do with the

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