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RE: pserver vs ssh was (Hopefully) simple $CVSROOT question

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: pserver vs ssh was (Hopefully) simple $CVSROOT question
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 12:12:37 -0800

> This may again be beyond the scope of this list, but is there any 
> advantage to using pserver vs. ssh?

Hmm, pserver has nice features and is great with a read-only server
but is a problem with read/write servers because user id & password
exchange is very insecure.  Especially nice is user control within
CVS alone, not secure but enough to setup users/passwords and then
allow as "readers" and/or "writers".

The ssh overcomes security problems of pserver but introduces more
admin on server side since user credentials must be setup on server
to permit ssh access.  Fine grain access control requires a setup
for each user, users in correct group, correct group and permissions
applied to CVS repository, etc.

Then there's the hybrid approach, connect to server with ssh client,
open ssh tunnel on local pserver port to server pserver port, use
"cvs -d :pserver:localhost/cvs <command>" and viola pserver over
ssh tunnel!!!  Having credentials for each user to control access to
ssh is a good idea but beyond that CVS repository can be owned by
single user and group by using CVS pserver user control stuff.


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