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Re: Merge question

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Merge question
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 15:08:59 -0500 (EST)

address@hidden writes:
> I understand "perfectly" what the cvs command I outlined does.

It ain't the things you don't know that get you in trouble, it's the
things you know that just ain't so.  You do *not* understand what the
CVS command you outlined does.

> For simplicity, take just 2 users, userA and userB with their
> respective branchA and branchB.
> So to integrate, userB submits his changes to the trunk correct?

Correct.  To be precise, userB merges his changes into the trunk.

> This may include "new" files/dirs that userA does NOT have yet.
> For userA to pick up these changes, he has to do a 
>       > cvs up -j branchA -j HEAD proj
> on his current directory structure based on his branchA correct? 

NO!  That *replaces* userA's directory with the current head of the
trunk, *ERASING ALL OF USERA'S CHANGES*!  UserA needs to merge the
changes from where his branch split from the trunk (or, if he has
previously merged changes from the trunk, the last revision he merged
from) to the head of the trunk:

        cvs up -j branchA_root -j HEAD proj
        cvs up -j branchA_last_merge -j HEAD proj

(Note that both of those tags -- branchA_root and branchA_last_merge are
actually on the *trunk*, not on branchA itself.)

-Larry Jones

It's a Doofus Ignoramus!  Our hero slowly reaches for his stun blaster!
-- Calvin

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