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RE: Merge question

From: Christopher.Fouts
Subject: RE: Merge question
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 13:47:40 -0500

Thanks to ALL. I understand "perfectly" now, at least
more so than yesterday! :)


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>From: Jim.Hyslop [mailto:address@hidden 
>Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2005 10:13 AM
>To: Fouts Christopher (IFNA MP DC); address@hidden
>Subject: RE: Merge question
>Christopher Fouts wrote:
>> This is done in userA's directory structure, which is based on
>> branchA correct? So no userA's files now have userB's changes 
>> right? And now for the trunk to get userA's changes as well I 
>> do a ...
>>   > cvs co proj
>>   > cvs up -j branchA
>> Correct?
>The first time, yes. If userA will continue to work on the 
>branch, then userA needs to immediately apply a tag to the 
>branch: cvs tag -r branchA branchA_last_merge_from_branch
>Then the next time userA merges, the commands will be:
>cvs co proj
>cvs up -j branchA_last_merge_from_branch -j branchA
>cvs tag -F -r branchA branchA_last_merge_from_branch
>A couple of "By the way"s:
>BTW1: The person doing the merge can use 'cvs update -A' 
>instead of 'cvs co proj'. Either will work.
>BTW2: The person doing the merge does does not necessarily 
>have to be userA, although userA would be best suited to 
>figure out any conflicts that may arise.
>Jim Hyslop
>Senior Software Designer
>Leitch Technology International Inc. ( ) 
>Columnist, C/C++ Users Journal ( )

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