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RE: How to use cvs with a group of users and restrictive file perms

From: Christopher.Fouts
Subject: RE: How to use cvs with a group of users and restrictive file perms
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 08:56:47 -0500

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>Subject: Re: How to use cvs with a group of users and 
>restrictive file perms
>> I would like to use cvs with a group of users. That fact alone is 
>> quiet easy to handle by doing what 
>> says. The problem I have is, that the files I want to manage 
>with cvs are
>> having restrictive permissions like 0700 and so on. cvs adjusts those
>> permissions and when I checkout the files I get 0755 for 
>example (like the
>> directory has where thoses files are stored in - group-setuid mode).
>> That is really bad.... is there a way to tell cvs that I 
>want my files
>> with a special mode checked out? Or do you see any other 
>ways of how to
>> handle this?
>I have written scripts which the users use rather calling the 
>cvs commands directly. The scripts call exes  with the SUID 
>bit set to perform file permission setting. That way the users 
>only get access through the scripts I control. A checkin 
>script for instance can unlock the file with the restricted 
>admin uid before performing the cvs update command command and 
>re-locking the permission the file again with the restricted admin uid.
>On Tru64 (Alpha UNIX) the SUID on works on exes, shells don't 
>work - so the outer shell has to call exes to perform the 
>restricted operations such as locking/unlocking files.
>Hope that is of use.
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Is there a "non-script" way to do this? Can CVS itself do it?


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