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Re: Checkout an empty working copy

From: Spiro Trikaliotis
Subject: Re: Checkout an empty working copy
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2006 07:07:32 +0200
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* On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 10:53:11PM -0400 Jim Hyslop wrote:
> Shawn Matlock wrote:
> > This is odd, but it came up. 
> > 
> > Is there a way to checkout a module without getting any of the files in it?
> > The idea is to create a working copy so a new file can be added without
> > getting the rest of the project.
> Hmmm... the closest I can think of is to check out one file in the
> module, e.g.:
> cvs co some-module/makefile

If the main directory does not contain too much files, cvs co -l might
be another option, too. It checks out all files in the main directory,
but no files from a subdirectory.

Best regards,

Spiro R. Trikaliotis                               

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