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RE: How to add/commit a directory after the files therein are alr eady a

From: Wiest, Damian
Subject: RE: How to add/commit a directory after the files therein are alr eady added/commited
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 09:50:52 -0500

You may want to read up on branch versus non-branch tags.  V3_0_6 is a
non-branch tag, it's basically an alias for a specific revision number; you
cannot commit changes to a file if you've checked it out using a non-branch
tag.  Branch tags, like version3 in your project, represent a parallel line
of development.  When you check out a file using a branch tag, you can
commit changes to the file and the tag will represent the latest revision of
the file on that branch.

For example, suppose you have a file called main.c that's been tagged with
the branch tag foo and has a revision number of  When you perform
an operation like, "cvs up -r foo main.c", you'll get revision
Suppose you make some changes and check the file back in, it will now have a
revision number of  If you now perform the "cvs up -r bar foo.c"
operation, you'll get revision; the tag follows your changes.  In
contrast, if revision of main.c is tagged with the non-branch tag,
bar, and you check it out with "cvs up -r bar main.c", you will not be able
to commit changes to the file.  The non-branch tag represents a single
revision of the file.

Regarding your project, it looks to me like the files in doc/ were not
tagged with the branch tag version3 or the non-branch tag v3_0_6.  If you
want them on the version3 branch, then you'll need to update the doc
directory with something like, "cvs up -dr version3 doc".  Then, you'll need
to merge the files under doc/ that are tagged with v3_0_5 (or whatever
version you want) using "cvs up -j v3_0_5 doc".  Once that's done, you can
commit them and they'll be on the version3 branch.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ming Kin Lai [mailto:address@hidden 
> Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2006 7:29 PM
> To: address@hidden
> Subject: RE: How to add/commit a directory after the files 
> therein are already added/commited
> >If you want to use the versions from the repository, then 
> you can just 
> >delete the files in your doc/ directory.  If you want to use your 
> >copies, then you'll need to move them to another location, 
> perform the 
> >update and then move them back.
> Well, it did not work.
> % cvs up -r v3_0_6
> cvs update: Updating .
> %
> That is, no files are updated.  Then I took a look at 
> CVS/Entries % cat CVS/Entries D That is, it has only one 
> letter D there. So, I checked out v3_0_5 and moved the CVS 
> directory from the v3_0_5 working 
> directory to my 3.0.6 working directory.  Then I did a 
> commit.  Well, it did 
> not work:
> %cvs commit -m "updated for version 3.0.6" ChangeLog
> cvs commit: sticky tag `v3_0_5' for file `ChangeLog' is not a 
> branch cvs [commit aborted]: correct above errors first! The 
> reason appears to be that the sticky tag of the files is now 
> v3_0_5 not 
> % cvs status -v | more
> cvs status: Examining . =============================================
> File: ChangeLog         Status: Up-to-date
>    Working revision: Sat Jan 14 05:05:53 2006
>    Repository revision: 
> /home/messengr/cvs/messengers/doc/Attic/ChangeLog,v
>    Sticky Tag:          v3_0_5 (revision:
>    Sticky Date:         (none)
>    Sticky Options:      (none)
>    Existing Tags:
>         v3_0_5                          (revision:
>         v3_0_4                          (revision:
>         VERSION3                           (branch: 1.1.2)

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