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Re: Change file type from "binary" to "ascii"

From: Spiro Trikaliotis
Subject: Re: Change file type from "binary" to "ascii"
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 12:42:53 +0100
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Hello Mark,

* On Mon, Jan 15, 2007 at 12:21:41AM -0800 joes wrote:
> I would like to change a file back from binary to ascii. How can this
> be achieved? According the documentation I tried it with the follwoin
> commands. Unfortuantely it seems not to be accepted. Any ideas?
> I tried:
> cvs update -kt myfile
> cvs admin -kt myfile

"admin" is right, but "-kt" is not, as this does not exist. Did you read
the reply?

-kkv is the setting CVS uses is nothing was specified. The other options
are listed in the answer to your mail.

Notice that you must update the file "cvs up myfile" after using "cvs
admin -kkv myfile" in order for the local file to use this new option.

Best regards,

Spiro R. Trikaliotis                               

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