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Re: Change file type from "binary" to "ascii"

From: joes
Subject: Re: Change file type from "binary" to "ascii"
Date: 15 Jan 2007 04:39:47 -0800
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Many thanks Spiro this worked

I was confused of the different "-k" Options. I am working with cvsnt
and in the documentation exists a section called "Substitution modes"
There is a mode "t" defiend:


Treat the file as a text file. This is the default setting if no
encoding is specified.

MBCS character sets that don't change the behaviour of CR/LF and NULL
should also work in this mode. eg. Shift-JIS and EUC.

Treat the file as binary. No interpretation is done of the contents and
they are stored verbatim. Be default no keyword expansion is done.
Binary files are considered non-mergable by CVS.

It seems not to be supported by some cvs implementations. However.
Thanks again

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