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RE: CVS and NAS Drives

From: Ben Weatherall
Subject: RE: CVS and NAS Drives
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 12:53:29 -0600

>From your comments I assume your server is on Windows. I would make sure
I mounted the NAS mount point as a drive, not a UNC path, but then I am
a user of GNU cvs not cvsnt. Make sure the connection is synchronous,
not asynch. I would also expect performance to suffer unless your
wireless is fast or your drives are slow.


-----Original Message-----
Hi guys...
Had the insane Idea to setup a remoted wireless NAS Server to keep
backups and repositories...
May be the answer is obvious, but I want to ask it the same...
Can CVS manage from a PC ( Win XP Pro ) repositories on a NAS by
Any requirements...? Any problems..?



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