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Re: Which CVS version is best for Windows?

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Which CVS version is best for Windows?
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 03:31:44 -0800

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Grumbler(ng) <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm using cvs (cvs.exe) in version 1.12.7 since years. I'd like to
> update to the latest version. But detected some problems:
> A. Version 1.12.13a could not "checkout" from the existing
> repostitory, e.g. cvs -d :local:u:/avrdepot checkout robi
> (the path could not be found, but cvs update in the same
> repository works fine)
> B. Version 1.11.22 lists many file, that requires a commit,
> because CVS detected changes. But this is not true. Furthermore
> after the commit (and successfully new revision created) the
> $CVSHeader$ is set to the first revision (1.1) instead of 1.4
> as it is now.
> I checked the NEWS files and "Cederqvist" files for both versions
> and did not find anything usefull for this topic.
> It seems 1.11.22 is newer than 1.12.13a (exe and NEWS-file).
> Thanks in advance.

CVS 1.11.22 is the latest STABLE branch release of CVS.

CVS 1.12.13a is the latest FEATURE branch release of CVS.

It is possible that 1.12.13a may still have bugs
in some of the newer features that you may not
want to use, although many people are now using
cvs 1.12.x releases in production environments.

The 1.12.7 release was pretty good and the 1.12.9
release was very stable. There were a few bugs
including a possible security vulnerability in zip
that is not patched until the 1.12.13a release.

As provided, the cvs.exe binary file is a client
only and does not support any server operations.
You could rebuild from sources in a Cygwin
environment if you need client/server and local
CVS operations to work.

If you need to use Windows for your server and are
not able to use Cygwin for some reason, then you
may find CVSN ( an
interesting choice. CVSNT is a fork of CVS which
is also open source and is more tightly integrated
with Windows as well as still having working ports
to most UNIX and GNU/Linux operating systems.

The CVSNT folks and the CVS folks chat enough that
our client/server protocols still interoperate
when using the :ext:, :extssh: and :pserver:
protocols. Other protocols are available for CVSNT
which might be of interest to a windows shop.

        Good luck,
        -- Mark
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