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Editors List Disapears

From: Diego Ribeiro de Andrade
Subject: Editors List Disapears
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 17:18:05 -0300



 I have a question. Hope someone had found this solution before. I have a server RED HAT ENTERPRISE running CVS 1.12.13 with PAM authentication via PSERVER. This service runs very well in every aspect.


 I was testing the “editors” feature of WinCVS and I found a Weird behavior. I began the test by doing a “Checkout Read Only” on the first machine. So I chosen I set of 3 files to edit. I called the “Editors” command and it returned to me a list of three lines containing my user my machine and the date when the file was opened for edit.


 On a second machine I did the same “Checkout Read Only” but for my surprise the “Editors Command” returned nothing in edit. I took myself to the first machine and saw that the files were still opened for edit. But the Editors command still returns no lines.


 I repeated this test some times and the result was everytime the same. A checkout did in a second workstation cleans the editors list.


 Does someone please can help me with this question? May be someone had this problem before, if yes, what you did to solve?


 Thank you! Best Regards.


Diego Ribeiro de Andrade.

Analista de Suporte.

Smart Tech Consulting.


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