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Convenient way to commit?

From: Hans Schwaebli
Subject: Convenient way to commit?
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 02:00:03 -0700 (PDT)

I want to commit all files folders and subfolders of a certain folder, may or may they not already have been added to CVS.
In my IDE this is very easy. I just select a folder and choose to commit. It adds files to CVS if they are not already added. Deleted files are handled correctly too.
With CVS low level commands this is not possible. The commit command seems to be recursive. But it requires that all files and subfolders of the folder to be committed are added to CVS prior. The command cvs add is not recursive.
I want to automate this. So I need a foolproof way. But there are no convenience commands of CVS which allow me this. Or is there a way?
It could be so easy, but it is so hard or impossible with the CVS commands themselves.
Why not just writing cvs -f commit foldername? If a resource is not added, the command would add it automatically and if a resource is deleted by the commit, it is deleted automatically.
Such things are badly needed for stuff like Continuous Builds and Nightly Builds.
Any ideas?

The fish are biting.
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