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Re: problem with ssh during cvs actions

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: problem with ssh during cvs actions
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 16:42:54 -0500
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"Arthur Barrett" <address@hidden> writes:

> Harry,
>> $CVSROOT in this case is:
>>    <remote-host>:/usr/local/cvsroot
>> so ssh is involved when talking to CVSROOT.
>> Something like cvs add file 
>> Will first prompt for password but then throws this error:
>>    cvs add file
>> Password: xxxxxxxx <enter>
>> Unknown command: `server'
> What version of the client are you using, eg: CVS 1.11.3, what version
> of the server?  Also what is the server and client OS?

Yes, sorry:
 Both server and client are installed on Gentoo linux:
   Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.12.12 (client)

Its an OpenSolaris OS doing the calling and using:
   Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.12.13 (client/server)

So Opensolaris cvs client is contacting Gentoo linux where CVSROOT is

I'm not running a pserver or any server far as I know.  Just updating
modules thru ssh from home lan machines.
  The gentoo machine houses CVSROOT and all others contact the repo there.

>> There doesn't seem to be any switches for verbosity in man cvs or for
>> debug of some kind.
> cvs -ttt add file

  -> main: Session ID is kabeeWkC85KqRfSt
  -> Name_Root ((null), (null))
  -> parse_cvsroot (reader:/usr/local/cvsroot)
  -> walklist ( list=814ddb0, proc=80a09a0, closure=0 )
  -> main loop with CVSROOT=/usr/local/cvsroot
  -> open_connection_to_server (reader:/usr/local/cvsroot)
  -> Starting server: ssh reader cvs server 
 Unknown command: `server'

Thanks for the tip and it gives a little more ouput but where is the
 `server' command getting in there from.

>> How can I determine what the problem is.
> To connect from a unix client to a unix server with CVS 1.11.x you would
> typically use:
>    CVS_SERVER=path-to-cvs-on-remote-host
>    CVSROOT=:ext:address@hidden:/path/to/repo
> To connect from a windows cvsnt client to a unix server with CVS 2.5.x
> you would use (note: please direct questions about CVSNT to the CVSNT
> mailing list):
>    CVS_SERVER=path-to-cvs-on-remote-host
>    CVSROOT=:ssh:address@hidden:/path/or/repo-alias

I've never done any of that in many years until this problem with
`server' popping up in any attempt to contact cvsroot remotely.

My setup has always been CVSROOT=reader:/usr/local/cvsroot
                          export CVROOT
On the 3 client machines
  Opensolaris gentoo debian

Then on my main desktop (also gentoo)
  Gentoo (houses cvsroot)
On that host CVSROOT=/usr/local/cvsroot;export CVSROOT

Are there changes in cvs 1.12.13 and 1.12.12 that have rendered my
setup incompatible?

I do think 1.12.11 may have been what I last used... and I have thoroughly
updated the OS on both Gentoo and Opensolaris.. so its possible they
are both running newer versions than I've used.

Far as I know I haven't really had to run a server before.

/etc/xinetd.d/cvspserver was installed when I installed cvs on the
gentoo machine but I've never set it up or ran any server.

I've always been able in effect do:

  cvs -d reader:/usr/local/cvsroot add file

Is that no longer possible?  How does the string `server' get stuffed
into my command if I try the command above?.

Thanks for your time

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