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Re: migration from CVS to CVSNT

From: Michael Haggerty
Subject: Re: migration from CVS to CVSNT
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2011 09:20:28 +0100
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On 03/08/2011 07:01 AM, Pradeep Sharma wrote:
> How the migration will happen from CVS to CVSNT - the technicalities, the
> problems the troubles etc.?

The main trouble is that CVSNT is a closed solution.  You will find less
support for it in the community (unless you pay the vendor) and less
support from the free tools.  For example, the open-source cvs2svn
migration tool that I work on can easily migrate content from CVS to
Subversion, git, Mercurial, or Bazaar, but it does not support all of
the peculiarities of CVSNT.  So before you put your precious data in
CVSNT, consider: what if you ever want to get it back out again?

If you are trying to get past some of CVS's shortcomings, there are many
truly free alternatives to CVS with much better community support, no
vendor lock-in, and an easy migration path from CVS.

If you nevertheless decide to migrate to CVSNT, you should direct your
questions to the company developing CVSNT.  This mailing list is for
discussions of CVS, not CVSNT (though, admittedly, Arthur Barrett's
frequent inappropriate use of this mailing list to promote CVSNT can
sometimes be confusing).


Michael Haggerty

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