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[Info-gama] Gama usage question

From: Ken Mankoff
Subject: [Info-gama] Gama usage question
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2012 14:13:10 +1300 (NZDT)
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Hi List (Ales)

I have a usage question for Gama. I don't think it is the right tool but I hope it is. Perhaps my point-cloud can be thought of as a large geodetic network...

I have a large point-cloud. I would like to convert coordinate systems, a 7-DOF rotate, translate, and scale.

For example, I know point #42 is at position (1,2,3). And I know point #42424 is at (41,42,43). I have 10,000 other points as part of this point cloud. I know 'real world' coordinates of the two example points, for example, I want point #42 at latitude, longitude, and altidude (lat0,lon0,alt0), and the other point should be at (lat1,lon1,alt1). All other 10k points should transform accordingly.

Is gama the right tool for this?

Could it be with some pre-processing of the data? For example, would I need to convert all other points to be (altitude, azimuth, range) in reference to one of the known points?

My point cloud is currently PLY file with X,Y,Z, R,G,B, and normals. Can Gama handle this? If not, is the output order the same as the input, in which case I can re-combine RGB with the adjusted XYZ?

Thanks for any tips on whether or not this is the right tool. I hope so, I know of no other command-line tools that can do georeferencing and transformation of point clouds.


  Ken Mankoff

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