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[Info-gne] Your upgrade from S to XL size is ready.

From: Durden Lucien
Subject: [Info-gne] Your upgrade from S to XL size is ready.
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 05:01:02 +0000

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doing here? '
    'Now  just  sit  down,  Nikanor  Ivanovich,'  said the  imperturbable
stranger in a wheedling voice, offering Nikanor Ivanovich a chair.
    Infuriated, Nikanor Ivanovich kicked the chair away and yelled:
    'Who are you? '
    'I am employed  as interpreter to a foreign gentleman residing in this
flat,'  said the self-styled Koroviev by  way of introduction  as he clicked
the heels of his dirty brown boots.
    Nikanor Ivanovich's mouth fell open. A foreigner in this flat, complete
with  interpreter,  was   a  total  surprise  to  him  and  he  demanded  an

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