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GNU Ball and Paddle 0.8.1

From: Eric P Hutchins
Subject: GNU Ball and Paddle 0.8.1
Date: 15 Jul 2009 10:43:32 -0400
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I am pleased to announce a new version of GNU Ball and Paddle.

Ball and Paddle is a ball and paddle game where you have to hit the blocks
with the ball by moving the paddle at the bottom of the screen. There are
various powerups that change things like paddle length, number of balls,
strength of the ball, speed, etc. It is extensible with GNU Guile, as the
levels are written that way and you could make blocks and powerups behave
in many ways.

Changes from 0.8.0 include:
- Fixed level 3 to be a little more "finished" and more fun on the
Savannah levelset.
- Removed levels 5 and 6 from Savannah levelset because they were stubs
anyway and shouldn't be there unless there is actual content.
- Redid the backgrounds to be a little nicer to look at in Savannah levelset.
- Builds for windows now, as simple as running "make windowsdist".
- Uses GNU gettext and has menu translations for German and Japanese.

You can get it here:

and now you can get an installer for windows here:

You can report bugs on savannah here

or on the mailing list here:


We use Bazaar version control. Find out more on the website:

Please try it and report any bugs. The thing this project needs the most
right now is more levelsets. It can do a lot of interesting things at the
moment and it needs some levels to show off all it can do.

Happy Hacking,
Eric P. Hutchins

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