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GNU IceCat 3.5.1 released

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: GNU IceCat 3.5.1 released
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 10:11:03 +0200
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I am pleased to announce the new 3.5.1 version of the GNU IceCat web

GNU IceCat is the GNU version of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

This new version includes all the bug fixes present in Firefox 3.5.1.

New files are available for download here:

and on any mirror sites worldwide.  You can find a complete mirrors list

SHA1 and MD5 checksums:

c3d6f48437afe7b7f71a8883153c91f352ff7ffa  icecat-3.5.1-i386.tar.bz2
a49de50a3be10e5e0117f46426859e76b87ae299  icecat-3.5.1-i386.tar.xz
5df0ee5063238cb75196684df0914030fd0430a6  icecat-3.5.1.tar.bz2
d03cfca9a450842ab195ec42a565b1ea05a53d7c  icecat-3.5.1.tar.xz
50888c5c1871ad24b2b3e47a2020edfc1eb8a31b  privacy_ext.xpi

f1d7bcd347a1829aad654d1fef1c5646  icecat-3.5.1-i386.tar.bz2
ab819ebb747a7155db687bb972108567  icecat-3.5.1-i386.tar.xz
efa5f2934e33c61bfe7bcb3acb3910db  icecat-3.5.1.tar.bz2
6540292eb960ce1f83114f7399b1556d  icecat-3.5.1.tar.xz
bbc160d5924ecc476a2a7a6e3f225763  privacy_ext.xpi

Please report any problem you may experience to the address@hidden
mailing list.

Have fun!
Giuseppe Scrivano

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