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Re: Deleting mail by region

From: Clay Haapala
Subject: Re: Deleting mail by region
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 16:31:15 -0500
User-agent: Gnus/5.110001 (No Gnus v0.1) XEmacs/21.5 (chayote, linux)

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Reiner Steib wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 21 2004, Clay Haapala wrote:
>> I use an nnimap backend to read my mail under XEmacs 2.5.17.  In
>> ngnus-0.1 and, I believe, in 5.10.6, deleting mail by region
>> (highlight region, B del) has stopped working.  
> In which version of Gnus _did_ this work?  I'm not aware of any
> changes in this area in the last years (but I might have missed it,
> of course).  I also would probably consider it as a misfeature.
Well, I'm sure of the last few Oorts, under earlier XEmacs betas, of
course,  and the first subsequent "official" releases.

>> The correct number of highlighted articles is given in the "Are you
>> sure you want to delete" prompt.
> I get "this article", i.e. singular.
When I highlight, say, four articles, I am prompted if I want to
delete four articles.

>> Deleting articles by count works as expected, 
> You can use `M P r' (gnus-uu-mark-region) to process mark the
> article before deleting.
It is good to be reminded of the power of "Process mark" :-)

>> though I do notice that every delete now runs an "Expire" sequence,
>> which is kind of slow.
> ?
> Bye, Reiner.

I meant to say that an "expire" process happens, similar, if not
identical, to when one leaves a group.

For example, if I want to delete the 5 articles at my cursor point,
and type ^U 5 B <del>, I'm prompted, as expected, about whether or not
I am sure I want to permanently delete the articles.  Saying "yes",
messages are printed about "Expiring articles on <the server>",
"Sorting", then 

Expiry recovered 4 NOV entries, deleted 0 files, and freed 1.241211 KB.
100% completed...
 99% completed...
 98% completed...
 97% completed...
 [ ... omitted ... ]
  6% completed...
  5% completed...
  4% completed...
  3% completed...
  2% completed...

This process takes several seconds, which makes the morning's SPAM
deletion a little tedious.  (I will now try using marks and one delete
operation.)  In Oort gnus, I believe the delete was nigh
instantaneous, so something has changed, doubtless to make operations
more correct, but I thought I would ask about it.

Hope this explanation helps some.  Thank you for replying.
Clay Haapala ( Cisco Systems SRBU +1 763-398-1056
   6450 Wedgwood Rd, Suite 130 Maple Grove MN 55311 PGP: C89240AD 
"I came to vote because wasting one's ballot in a democracy is a sin."
                  - Mohammad Afzal, a Kashmiri voter

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