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Problem with Gnus & Leafnode

From: Ichimusai
Subject: Problem with Gnus & Leafnode
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 22:40:34 +0200
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Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me out. I have recently
set up leafnode on my system as an NNTP proxy for the groups I and
some other people read from my server at home.

However, with other news clients it works perfectly, when a new
previously by leafnode unfeteched group is selected in Mozilla
Thunderbird for example, there is a dummy message there. After that
leafnode pulls the articles at next update and everything is dandy.

But with Gnus things are different. I press A A from the groups buffer
to access all groups on my leafnode server, they all show up fine and
I can subscribe/unsub at will.

But when I try to select a group it says "Can't select group" and i
never see that dummy message that leafnode is supposed to create.

If I try to post something first with Gnus then it seems to work, and
then the group can be accessed normally after the next fetchnews.

Any suggestions?

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