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Re: To IMAP or not to IMAP

From: Jesse F. Hughes
Subject: Re: To IMAP or not to IMAP
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 18:16:13 +0200
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Marcus Frings <> writes:

> * (Jesse F. Hughes) wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a site that compares various IMAP servers?  I'd
>> like to follow Kai's advice and try out an IMAP server alongside
>> unison + agent and see which one works better for me.  I'd like to
>> choose, say, a couple of mail groups for each method and see how it
>> goes.
> Well, there are some popular IMAP servers:
> Courier IMAP
> Cyrus IMAP
> Dovecot IMAP
> A very short and incomplete review (anyone is welcome to comment this):
> UW IMAP: The oldest IMAP server.You don't want this. Too many security
>          bugs in the past. Stores mails in mbox format only. Developers
>          are said to be ignorant in fixing known bugs. Easy and quick
>          setup.
> Courier IMAP: _My_ favourite choice. Small, fast. Stores mails in
>               Maildir format only. Very few security related bugs in the
>               past. Easy und quick setup.
> Cyrus IMAP: Too overloaded for home usage. It's full of features and a
>             very great IMAP server but setup is a little more
>             complicated compared to others. Mails are stored in Cyrus'
>             own format which is neither mbox nor Maildir.
> Dovecot IMAP: A new one in the series of IMAP servers but still at an
>               early stage. Stores mail in either mbox or Maildir
>               format. Developers already took care of security while
>               developing Dovecot.
> I recommend Courier or Dovecot.              

Very helpful, thanks.

I did recall one thing I dislike about IMAP: as far as I know,
reportmail doesn't work with it.  Is this still true?

I suppose I could go back to tkbiff, which is pretty nice, but I've
grown partial to reportmail in xemacs.

"Come on people!!!  The US just blew up a lot of people in Iraq, don't
you realize that a person with my exposure might just end up dead, by
mysterious circumstances?" 
  --James Harris, on the dangers of "proving" Fermat's last theorem

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