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Re: PGG and Gnus 5.10.6?

From: Bill Harris
Subject: Re: PGG and Gnus 5.10.6?
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 14:11:22 GMT
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Ivan Boldyrev <address@hidden> writes:

> load-path is for directories with .el and .elc files.
> You must change pgg-gpg-program variable.


Thanks.  I thought I had tried that, but I think I quoted the filename,
and that confused things.  Now it seems to work quite well.

Just one question.  When I send myself an encrypted message, it asks if
I want to decrypt it; that's nice.  When I send myself a signed message,
it hides the signature; I have to initiate the verification myself
(pulldown menus Article(?) > MIME > Decrypt and Verify.  Is there a way
to have Gnus tell me there's a signature to be verified using Gnus


Bill Harris                                  
Facilitated Systems                                

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