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Re: how to remove groups entirely from .newsrc.eld file?

From: Gernot Hassenpflug
Subject: Re: how to remove groups entirely from .newsrc.eld file?
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 22:19:18 +0900
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>>>>> "Sébastien" == Sébastien Kirche 
>>>>> <> writes:

    Sébastien> Le 8 Jun 2005 à 06:06, Gernot Hassenpflug s'est exprimé
    Sébastien> ainsi :
    >> Do I have to edit the .newsrc.eld file by hand to get rid of
    >> it?

    Sébastien> While recently playing with archives groups and
    Sébastien> creating several bogus servers i found that sometimes
    Sébastien> the only way to get rid of a server definition is to
    Sébastien> manually edit .newsrc.eld files (when Gnus is not
    Sébastien> started) and to edit the gnus-server-alist definition.

    Sébastien> As else in the server buffer Gnus keeps on refusing to
    Sébastien> kill some of them.

Hello Sébastien, many thanks for your helpful reply. I did edit the
.newsrc.eld file for the gnus-server-alist definition. Solved the

    >> On a related note, anything done with G D appears in the
    >> .newsrc.eld file, as expected,...

    Sébastien> I think that .gnus.el should be considered more as an
    Sébastien> initialisation script that actually a config file.

    Sébastien> (Except for the customize section in the .emacs file
    Sébastien> that one can place elsewhere) Gnus does not modify its
    Sébastien> starting script but stores its configuration in the
    Sébastien> .newsrc.eld file.

OK, now that that is clarified, I feel much better. I remember the
days of .newsrc files that were simple multi-column lists of newsgroup
names and article numbers. Things have gotten more complex!

    >> Is there a recommended method for keeping mail safely organized
    >> (easy to overview in the .gnus.el file, for example, not so
    >> easy if you don't know where on disk(s) your groups were
    >> located if you have to try and look for them again), and can I
    >> move stuff that is created with G D into my .gnus.el file?

    Sébastien> Maybe you can do like me for some settings : looking in
    Sébastien> the .newsrc.eld for the parameters that gnus set and
    Sébastien> copying them to the .gnus to keep them in case of
    Sébastien> future reuse. I used to see that those settings are
    Sébastien> ignored from the .gnus if they are also present in the
    Sébastien> .newsrc.eld (so you have to remove them from
    Sébastien> .newsrc.eld before they are taken into account if you
    Sébastien> modify the .gnus definition).

OK, that sounds good to me. I'll give that a try. I've gained new
respect for the .newsrc.eld file, and back it up regularly too, in
case of accidental clearing.

Many thanks,
G Hassenpflug RASC, Kyoto University

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