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Re: archive of sent messages: how to get to appear in Group buffer?

From: Gernot Hassenpflug
Subject: Re: archive of sent messages: how to get to appear in Group buffer?
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 22:44:42 +0900
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>>>>> "Sébastien" == Sébastien Kirche 
>>>>> <> writes:

    Sébastien> Le 8 Jun 2005 à 02:06, Gernot Hassenpflug a formulé :
    >> OK, so far excellent, at least I know the messages are being
    >> stored safely. However, I cannot seem to be able to subscribe
    >> to my own groups in an editable manner. I.e., although I can
    >> use G D or G d to access them in read-only mode, I cannot get
    >> gnus to list them as editable mail or news groups from the
    >> Group buffer. I have tried F, and have tried various foreign
    >> group subscription methods.

    Sébastien> Did you tried to enter in nnfolder from the server
    Sébastien> buffer (^ key while in the group buffer) ?

    Sébastien> As you defined sent-mail as the archive method, it
    Sébastien> should have added a nnfolder:sent-mail server and you
    Sébastien> could subscribe to you archive groups with RET on the
    Sébastien> server followed by u on each group.

Hello again Sébastien,

Brilliant! I did not know I had created a server with these commands,
I thought I had created a group (or set of groups) on localhost (as
server, although I did not think that far) and they would
auto-magically appear. You are absolutely right, doing ^ shows me

     {nnfolder:archive} (opened)
     {nndoc:gnus-help} (opened)
     {nnfolder:} (opened)
     {nndir:edu} (denied)
     {nnfolder:sent-mail} (opened)
     {nnml:} (opened)
     {} (opened) (agent)

which includes a couple of erroneous servers from previous
attempts. The nnfolder:sent-mail 'server' contains:

K      1: sent-to-martial-arts
K      3: sent-to-misc
K      1: sent-to-naval

which I promptly subscribed too. I will have to edit .newsrc.eld as
you advised in your reply to my other query, to remove the erroneous
entries. The whole process appears a bit opaque to me still, where to
look for things I created is easier though now, thanks to your advice.

    Sébastien> If it can help, maybe you can look at my own
    Sébastien> configuration files at

    Sébastien> I just set up some things to use mail and news
    Sébastien> archiving, except that I defined an nnml group and
    Sébastien> unset the archive method as i had some trouble with it.

    Sébastien> By doing that i have now an nnml:archives server and an
    Sébastien> unused nnfolder:archive. Maybe i am wrong ?

Nice work, I learnt a lot looking at your .gnus file. Looks like you
decided not to define archive method, but specify nnml groups
directly. So gnus generates these for you when yo need them? And then
in your secondary sources you specify these archives as being part of
server nnml:archives (if I have the idea and terminology correct). You
also need to enter the server buffer to subscribe to these new groups?

As for nnfolder:archive, I think maybe this does not exist, if you did
not define archive method...

Thank you very much, your files are a study in progress for me now!

G Hassenpflug RASC, Kyoto University

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