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Re: archive of sent messages: how to get to appear in Group buffer?

From: Sébastien Kirche
Subject: Re: archive of sent messages: how to get to appear in Group buffer?
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 17:30:51 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.110004 (No Gnus v0.4) Emacs/22.0.50 (darwin)

At 15:06 on Jun 8 2005, Gernot Hassenpflug said :

> Brilliant! I did not know I had created a server with these commands,
> I thought I had created a group (or set of groups) on localhost (as
> server, although I did not think that far) and they would
> auto-magically appear. You are absolutely right, doing ^ shows me
> {nnfolder:archive} (opened)
> {nndoc:gnus-help} (opened)
> {nnfolder:} (opened)
> {nndir:edu} (denied)
> {nnfolder:sent-mail} (opened)
> {nnml:} (opened)
> {} (opened) (agent)
> which includes a couple of erroneous servers from previous
> attempts. The nnfolder:sent-mail 'server' contains:
> K      1: sent-to-martial-arts
> K      3: sent-to-misc
> K      1: sent-to-naval
> which I promptly subscribed too. 

You can also directly add a new server (eg. nntp or nnimap backends) and
subscribe several  groups in  it directly instead  of adding  each group
separately from the group buffer with G m

It will add the groups in mass  with the group buffer, and you can after
reorder them with transpose (C-x C-t) or killing/yanking.

> I will  have to edit  .newsrc.eld as you  advised in your reply  to my
> other  query,  to remove  the  erroneous  entries.  The whole  process
> appears a bit  opaque to me still, where to look  for things I created
> is easier though now, thanks to your advice.

Actually the  normal way  of deleting a  server is  to go to  the server
buffer  and to use  the k  key to  kill the  server. But  sometimes gnus
complains that  it cannot  suppress it. Not  sure of the  actual reason,
maybe if there are some subscribed groups ?

> Nice work, I learnt a lot looking at your .gnus file. 

Beware of the  fact it is kind  of work in progress and  that some parts
are experimental :)
My Emacs/Gnus  configuration is still in  a long tuning  process since I
started to use them 2-3 years ago. Dunno if there will be an end :)

> Looks like you decided not  to define archive method, but specify nnml
> groups directly. So gnus generates these for you when yo need them?

Yes,  i have  several existing  Mail-sent/200x-xx  and News-sent/200x-xx
folders including 2005-06,  and on the first time i will  send a mail or
an  article in  July, it  will create  the corresponding  2005-07 folder
(without asking).

Also  if you  try  eg. to  copy an  article  to a  non-existing nnml  or
nnfolder, lets say nnml+some_stuff:a_group, gnus will ask about creating

> And then in your secondary sources you specify these archives as being
> part  of server  nnml:archives (if  I  have the  idea and  terminology
> correct). You  also need  to enter the  server buffer to  subscribe to
> these new groups?

No, until now, it automagicaly subscribes to the newly created groups at
the top of the list, and I manually move them to the right topic.

> As for nnfolder:archive, I think maybe this does not exist, if you did
> not define archive method...

It  appeared during  my attempts  that if  you don't  define  an archive
method at all,  gnus do adds an nnfolder:archive server.  Not sure if it
is unconditionally or only while archiving the first message.

I tried several ways for having an nnml archive backend at a given place
and with a given  name instead of an nnfolder one in  the Mail folder (I
plan to  configure Remembrance Agent for  indexing my sent  mails thus I
need a one-file-per-message backend) and the working method i found is

- creating the  nnml  server in  the gnus-secondary-select-methods  and
  specifying the nnml-directory

-  unseting the  gnus-message-archive-method  (it make  gnus creating  a

-  defining   the  gnus-message-archive-group  to   split  the  archives
  following the date

Maybe it  is not the  best method, but  several gnus concepts  about the
cache, the active files, nnml and nnfolder backend that were unclear for
me as i tried to configure it.

Now I am more familiar about how  to create a nnml folder, how to import
some foreign mails or how to  reindex nnfolders and rebuild content of a

Just don't  know why  some server sometime  automagicaly appear  and why
gnus cannot delete them and makes me editing the .newsrc.eld file.

> Thank you very much, your files are a study in progress for me now!

Glad to be able to help someone :)

Emacs/Gnus deserve sharing of the knowledge.

Sébastien Kirche

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