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Re: Showing Complete Active Threads

From: Matt Ford
Subject: Re: Showing Complete Active Threads
Date: 15 Mar 2006 00:48:11 +0000
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I was having trouble with this too.  The following post describes the behaviour 
of the 'some and 't options and explains a lot.

A point to note is that (IMHO) A T will only show the complete thread of an 
article up to the post is was executed over (this caused me a lot of confusion 
when testing as I'd made assumptions about the A T command).  To test I ticked 
the original post in this thread and exited and came back into the group - 
hitting A T does nothing.  Marking any subsequent post in the thread and 
hitting A T gets all posts it knows about up until that point (the current last 
post will show you everything).

It could be argued that as "I KNOW" that the top level post has replies and 
I've marked them as read then hittting A T (or some other command) should 
redisplay them.  Whether this is implementable I don't know...certainly I'd 
like that behaviour.


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