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Re: imap on maildir

From: Hadron
Subject: Re: imap on maildir
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 09:02:45 +0100
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John Sullivan <> writes:

> Hadron <> writes:
>> Has anyone here successfully configured courier-imap with exim4 to sit
>> on top of an existing maildir directory in order to employ the nnimap
>> backend in gnus rather than the maildir one? I read that it should speed
>> up gnus startup.
>> I have a ~/Mail directory which then contains about 15 sub Maildirs
>> which are fed from fetchmail and procmail from various mailing lists and
>> personal email subscriptions.
> Yes, if I understand you right, that's my mail setup. Except that I don't use
> fetchmail to get the mail -- I use offlineimap to sync the "real" imap server
> to the maildirs on my laptop. courier is running locally on the laptop, and I
> point nnimap at it.

Could you post your elisp for me please? Do you need to register each
sub dir or do you only point courier to the top level dir and then emacs
to localhost imap? I see "INBOX", but not my individual maildirs.

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