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Re: imap on maildir

From: Hadron
Subject: Re: imap on maildir
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 13:47:25 +0100
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John Sullivan <> writes:

> Hadron <> writes:
>> John Sullivan <> writes:
>>> Hadron <> writes:
>>>> Has anyone here successfully configured courier-imap with exim4 to sit
>>>> on top of an existing maildir directory in order to employ the nnimap
>>>> backend in gnus rather than the maildir one? I read that it should speed
>>>> up gnus startup.
>>>> I have a ~/Mail directory which then contains about 15 sub Maildirs
>>>> which are fed from fetchmail and procmail from various mailing lists and
>>>> personal email subscriptions.
>>> Yes, if I understand you right, that's my mail setup. Except that I don't 
>>> use
>>> fetchmail to get the mail -- I use offlineimap to sync the "real" imap 
>>> server
>>> to the maildirs on my laptop. courier is running locally on the laptop, and 
>>> I
>>> point nnimap at it.
>> Could you post your elisp for me please? Do you need to register each
>> sub dir or do you only point courier to the top level dir and then emacs
>> to localhost imap? I see "INBOX", but not my individual maildirs.
> It doesn't take much elisp. I just added this entry to my
> gnus-secondary-select-methods:
> (nnimap "local"
>                 (nnimap-address "localhost")
>                 (nnimap-authinfo-file "~/.imap-authinfo")
>                 (nnimap-stream ssl))
> If you're not seeing your maildirs in gnus, maybe it's because you're not
> subscribed to them? You can list unsubscribed groups with "A A" in the Group
> buffer, or enter the server buffer with ^ and hit RET on your local IMAP 
> server
> to see the groups list there. Subscribe to them with u.

Hi John,

I'm still only seeing

       *: nnimap+local:INBOX

which leads me to believe I might not have configured imap properly. Is
there a way to query the IMAP base maildir directory from emacs or
command line (linux ubuntu). I know imap ok is running because I see the
above I assume?

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